Q: Do retirement facilities vary much in the services offered? What should we look for?


A. There are significant differences in retirement facilities. Areas to consider in the selection process include the following:

Is the facility convenient for friends and family to visit and monitor the well-being of the senior? Do the services provided meet the needs of the individual senior- health, nutrition, comfort, security? Can the senior meet the financial requirements of the home?

The Senior Circle team researches and works with a number of quality retirement home providers in the Central Iowa area and can capably assist in identifying the best options. During the consultation processes, we can begin to clearly identify needs and capabilities, providing an efficient and effective search and match process.


Q: How do we make the Senior Transition to the new home as easy as possible?

A. The effective transition of the Senior is the most important focus of Senior Circle. Key elements include the following:

Involving the Senior and family members in the planning process, explaining each step, creating engagement and comfort.

Designing room layouts complete with furniture and decorations that create a home-like feel. Downsizing can be very challenging. What to leave? What to take? What to get rid of?

Assuring that memorabilia is identified and effectively integrated into the new décor.

Carefully coordinating the packaging and re-location of all possessions in a timely, efficient manner.

Assuring that the new home staff actively leads the welcoming and orientation of the Senior and family, ensuring a smooth, comfortable transition.

The Senior Circle team recognizes the transition as the number one priority. Detailed plans with group involvement ensure a successful transition.


Q: What are key estate-planning steps that should be taken?

A. Having or updating a will, assigning powers of attorney (financial & health), preparing trusts where applicable, and/or identifying an estate executor are all important planning steps.

The Senior Circle team has identified elder law experts who specialize in these areas of law and can assist the senior, ensuring prudent estate planning is administered. Having these critical elements in place improves decision-making and readiness.

Q: How can we maximize property improvements to improve proceeds results?


A. There are many considerations and steps that can and should be taken to maximize estate liquidation sales. Cleaning, painting, conducting basic building maintenance, and landscaping (cleaned, trimmed) are key areas to consider.

The Senior Circle team has hands-on experience in renovating properties to maximize net gains. We utilize a comprehensive inspection and analysis tools. Through this process, a portfolio of cost-effective quality specialists can be marshalled to support these activities. Part of our service includes managing these many tasks to ensure timely and effective project execution.

Q: Are there steps that can be taken to improve financial investment returns? 

A. Key steps that can be taken include simplifying investment options to improve tracking and management. Also important is developing investment strategies that are secure with potential of appreciation. Seeking financial advice from licensed, knowledgeable professionals can also provide additional value.

The Senior Circle team has past experience in managing assets to minimize risk and protect returns. We can consult regarding options the family can investigate in structuring portfolios. Where professional financial planning resources may be of value, we can supply such referrals.

Q. Are there opportunities to identify and secure supplementary financial support? 

A. Dependent upon income and assets, there may be financial support available through the Veterans Administration and/or Medicaid program. Preparing detailed financial records is an important first step, as applying for external assistance may be tedious. There are many excellent resources to assist in the application processes.

The Senior Circle team has developed worksheets to help in organizing the data required for application. They have also identified qualified professionals who have specialized expertise to assist in preparing applications, improving chances for securing deserved assistance.

Q. While living in a home for a number of years, my property accumulation has grown substantially. How can I simplify and effectively execute the downsizing process?

A. There are several key areas to focus on to effect a successful downsizing strategy:

  • Identifying and segregating personal property that you want to retain

  • Identifying valuables or high-dollar items where special marketing techniques and contacts can be deployed.

  • Securing and managing service providers who are skilled and efficient in grouping, sorting, and staging property.

  • Assertively identifying and deploying the most effective channels for marketing and disposal of the varied property categories.

The Senior Circle team is focused on optimizing the outcome of these activities. We manage a highly skilled team to accomplish multiple tasks. We closely monitor and guide performance to ensure the best outcome.

Q. We have many challenges in taking care of our senior family member. We live in another part of the country, and it is difficult for us to remotely manage the transition of our parent to a new home that serves their needs.

A. Through the utilization of our Circle of Services, our Senior Circle team will be able to outline a comprehensive, customized plan that best fits your needs and desires and help facilitate a desirable outcome for your loved one.

The Senior Circle team can also assist in relocations across the country dependent upon logistical needs. We have or can identify and coordinate transition professionals to help facilitate the processes.


Q. Why rightsize?

A. Life is an accumulation of many possessions (personal, family, friends). Possessions can illicit varied emotions:  positive, negative and indifference. There are many good reasons to downsize.

  • Identify property needed and cherished, disposing of excess

  • Identify and facilitate sharing key possessions with important family members or friends

  • Enable re-purposing your residence for increased functionality and comfort

  • Facilitate relocation to a home that requires less maintenance and expense

  • Enable relocating to a home that better accommodates current or future health needs.

Senior circle specializes in facilitating downsizing projects. We have created tools and step by step processes that enable a clear focus and help in efficient, thoughtful project administration, effectively accomplishing the Senior’s needs.