Benefits of Moving to a Retirement Community

1)            Social Interaction- Living at home can be isolating. Senior Care communities provide an environment to interact with people of similar age and interests.  There will be daily planned activities as well as off-site excursions to keep the residents entertained. Reduced isolation and increased social interaction will improve quality of life.

2)            Security- Many seniors living at home are at greater risk of being injured or harmed by safety and security hazards.  Retirement communities take comprehensive measures to reduce risk.  They are staffed day and night so response times to a fall or other emergency will be much quicker than the response time to a home.

3)            Ease of Living-Some seniors may not have issues getting around their home but may have difficulty keeping up with housework, cooking and yard work.  Retirement communities can reduce some of the hassles associated with daily living. Most retirement communities also offer transportation to medical appointments as well as nearby shopping centers and grocery stores.

4)            Assistance with Healthcare-Daily interaction with residents will enable staff to notice any changes in health and demeanor.  Almost all communities assist with the administration of medication to ensure residents are following prescribed dosage and frequency.

5)            Nutrition- Many seniors who live alone don’t eat nutritious meals on a regular basis.  Food preparation can be difficult for those with physical limitations or cognitive challenges.  Residents of senior living communities have the benefit of eating balanced meals in the company of their peers and newly discovered friends.

6)            Staying Active- Exercise has numerous benefits, especially for aging adults. Staying fit will improve overall physical health, improve sleep and even slow down age related memory loss.  Most senior care communities have outdoor space or nearby paths where seniors can stay active.  Exercise classes such as Tai Chi or yoga may also be offered.

7)            Amenities-Retirement communities offer many amenities to make the residents comfortable and feel more at home.  On site amenities may include a salon, coffee shop, library, convenience store and many more.  Retirement communities may also have visitor rooms available for rent for out of town family members.

8)            Financial Benefits- Moving to a retirement community from a home will eliminate making monthly payment for utilities, home and auto insurance, housekeeping, home maintenance and dining expenses.  Financially, this makes managing expenses much easier, as the monthly costs are simplified. Every month, you’ll see predictable payments that are easily paid in one check.  An accountant may also be able to identify potential tax deductions from entrance and monthly fee.