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Senior Circle Downsizing Tips

1) Get Rid of Duplicates ~ What actually is in all of the cabinets in your kitchen?  You probably have several spatulas, multiple baking pans, eight pairs of scissors and other unnecessary items.  If you haven’t used an object for over a year, you probably don’t need it.  Consider donating or discarding some of these items.

2) Go through your possessions ~ Reminiscing may bring back memories of a place and time.  Take some time for yourself during the sorting process.  Keep an object “if it connects to a really important moment in your life”.

3) Break down the sorting process by room or area ~ Downsizing doesn’t happen in a day or even a week.  Create a plan and set a timeline. Start on areas that are less cluttered to help jumpstart the process. Use colored coded tags or stickers to help determine which items may have more meaning than others.

4) Identify and label important documents ~ You probably don’t need bank statements and check registers from 1987.  It is important to organize financial information that relates to current income, assets, or liabilities.

5) Sort family heirlooms ~ Give away items that you intend to leave for loved ones.  Get family members involved and see what items they may like to have for themselves.  Knowing that your treasured possessions will be taken care of will give you peace of mind.  

6) Identify valuables ~ Make sure to catalog any specialty items in your household which may be of value.  The collection of hand-painted French figurines you got from your mother may have more sentimental than monetary value; however, there may be other items in your possession, which may be worth more than you think.  Consider using an appraiser to help make the determination on value.

7) Designate items for donations/trash ~ If an item is damaged or has no use to you or anyone else, it is not worth keeping.  The bedroom suite in the basement that nobody uses may be of value to someone in need.  Consider donating it.


Organization is the key to making the downsizing process less stressful. Senior Circle has developed “Steps to Downsizing” to make the process as efficient as possible while taking into consideration the emotional aspect of the situation.

Please contact us if you would like some advice as you consider the downsizing process.

Benefits of Downsizing - Relocating

1) You may be able to move closer to family or friends.

2) You will enjoy less home and yard maintenance.

3) You may find a new residence that better fits your needs.

4) You may be able to eliminate or reduce mortgage payment/property taxes.


Benefits of Downsizing – Stay in Home

1) Create a home layout that is easier to get around.

2) Provides the opportunity to review and update with important safety aids (hand rails, hold bars, access ramps, etc.)