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Senior Circle is a family business-father and son-based in the greater Des Moines metropolitan area. We designed our Circle of Services based on what we lived and learned. 

We know that as family members age, there are different challenges, and all are stress-filled. The most important aspects are the comfort and care of the Senior.  After years of living independently, our mother and grandmother arrived at a point where she needed more support. This change was as hard on us as it was on her.  We had no guidance for this journey, and yet we had to figure out how to downsize her property multiple times, navigate insurance and government agencies, and find suitable care for her. In addition, our families lived in five different states, which made communication and help difficult.

We developed our flexible Circle of Services based on our personal experiences with our family member. The two of us also have years of experience building and managing small businesses, renovating and maintaining properties, and coordinating service providers.

Whether you choose one or more of our services, we can create a solution that fits your needs. We’ve been there. We know we can make the process easier-and less stressful- for you and your family.

Your Journey is Our Journey.

Our Best,

Jerod and David Hogan